Tipsy at the Top

In college we had names for every day of the week as an excuse to drink; Margarita Mondays, Tequilla Tuesdays, Wild Wednesdays, etc. Turns out that in terms of the Premier League title, yesterday was in fact wild Wednesday. With Manchester United stumbling at Wigan and Manchester City finding itself against West Brom, the title race is suddenly heating up again. 

Manchester United kicked off at 11:45 PDT as the champions elect. They had a 8 point lead with 6 games remaining. They had not lost a game in January. But fate has a cruel knack of keeping things interesting when they look like it is about to get boring. Thus the game that followed. 

In the last several games, United have been the benefit of several questionable calls all having some effect on the game. As the saying goes, “what goes around comes around”. At the start though, it looked like luck was again going to be with United as Wigan had a goal called back after it was ruled that Gary Caldwell “blocked” De Gea’s path to stop Victor Moses’  header. There was no argument from and United players and De Gea hadn’t actually moved. The center referee had allowed the goal only for his assistant from 40 yards away to call him over before disallowing the goal. One couldn’t help but think that this was going to be another night of luck for United. 

In the 52nd minute however, things turned for Wigan. The ball went over the touch line and was ruled a corner kick much to Phil Jones’ chagrin. Replays suggest otherwise but as any person who plays sports knows, the referee has the last word. Maloney exchanged a quick pass around Rooney and curled an excellent ball in. 1-0 Wigan. 

Ferguson then brought on Welbeck and Cleverley in an effort to produce more goals. They had few chances and then came the second controversial decision against them. Jones put in a low cross which hit Maynor Figueroa in the arm but both the referee and linesman waived off penalty claims. In the end United was not able to produce anything and gave up points to Wigan for the first time in 3 years. The consolation is that their next two games are against Aston Villa and Everton who both have terrible records at Old Trafford. 

City also kicked off at 11:45 PDT against West Brom. Knowing that United’s game was against lowly Wigan, they knew that to have any chance at the title they must win out. With Balotelli suspended, Carlos Tevez made his first start for the club since September partnering with Aguero up top. With the defeat to Arsenal still hanging over the team, the atmosphere was low.

Aguero changed that after 6 minutes though with a solo strike from the top of the box. City continued to control possession through the first half but could not convert any more chances until the second half.

Aguero was the scorer again as Nasri slipped in a ball behind the defense and Aguero put in past Ben Foster. Tevez got on the scoresheet as well , albeit with a deflection. Silva’s run to the goal line ended with a cut back to the penalty spot. Tevez put it on target. It glanced off Billy Jones’ head who was just in front of Ben Foster. Replays showed that Foster might have had a hand on it had Jones not been there. David Silva finished off the scoring with a chip of the keeper after being put through. 

With United losing and City winning, United now hold a 5 point advantage with 5 games remaining; one of those games being the derby at the Ethiad. Should United slip up in any of the other 4 games, the clash with City could very well be the title decider. 


Un-reality TV

What is America’s obsession with reality TV? It started back in 200 with “Survivor”. Now days we’ve been through everything from “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” to “The Real Housewifes” and “Jersey Shore”. For the life od me, I can’t stand how idiotic and annoying the people on these shows are. If you asked, I would guess that 9 of 10 people would say that they hate drama. Yet those shows that are so popular are all about creating drama. WHy then do people like these show?

“The Real Housewives” is a series which portrays the life for “real” housewives in different areas. I believe the current ones are New York, Atlanta, and Orange County. Basically all the ladies are rich, spoiled little beaches who fight and argue and complain with one another about another person in their group. Two things here. One, as far as I can tell, all the wives are rich from either the current husband or former husband. Two, if they dislike a person that much, why do they constantly interact with them. oh wait, it to cause drama for the viewers. The thing that really gets me though is how they can call the show “The Real Housewives”. Why don’t they focus on the lower class family where they have real problems, you know, besides that their ex-husband isn’t paying his full 1500$ child support each month.


“Jersey Shore” epitomizes the stupidity of Americans. If this trend continues, the premise of Idiocracy is entirely plausible. What I don’t get is how. Being as just about anyone under the age of 30 know what the people on this show are about. Getting drunk and hooking up. So how/why do they still get girls? Maybe I’m just fooling myself with the moral standard these days. But if I were a girl, I wouldn’t touch those guys with a 10 foot pool. Heck I wouldn’t even touch those girls with one now.



However, those shows are nothing compared to the show I loathe the most. I despise anything related to the Kardashian family. They don’t really have anything other than money and a conveniently timed sex tape. Because of that they are celebrities? The thing that irks me the most is the Kim & Kris Humphries thing. Their sham of a wedding made them (although reports are that Kim took Kris’ portion) millions. Then they split before the wedding episode even aired.

The fallout is entertaining because it appears the general population now hates Kris Humphries for this while it appears that they have moved on with Kim. Even though (I feel at least) Kim had an equal if not grater part in everything. Sure the show portrays Kris as a jerk and I’m sure there were some problems. But when is there never any? Keep in mind the fact that the show was “Kourtney and Kim”. So somebody had t be the bad guy and it certainly wasn’t going to be the show’s star. Through everything Kris Humphries is now the most hated player in the NBA. Ahead of Kobe and LeBron.

So again, why do people love reality TV? I think it is because they love to immerse themselves in drama, just as long as it does not involve them. It makes people feel better about themselves seeing these “celebrities” go through problems as well, even if they are produced in a manner which enhances the drama.

Are we too technologically dependant?

As I was browsing some new posts today I came across this one. It touched on a very interesting topic that I think about from time to time. And I find myself thinking the very questions that is the title of this post, are we too dependent on technology?

It seems like just yesterday I can remember the old Nokia phones that everyone had. [On a side note, everyone but me. My parents we ones who didn’t believe in all the super up-to-date technology so I didn’t get a cell phone until I went away to college]. Now days I see kids that are not even in their teens walking around with iPhones on Facebook and Twitter. But in this age of “right now” I feel that we are losing our touch with each other. If you lose your cell phone, don’t you spend the rest of your day feeling like a piece of you is missing or wondering who might be trying to call you? As much as i hate to admit it I do. And I don’t even have it that bad. Seeing as I’m trying to become a freelance writer, I really should be more into social media networks. Yet I find it hard to get into these because I still enjoy human interaction. I’m probably one of a handful of people that wouldn’t be completely lost if my entire phone memory got erased. I don’t have all my numbers memorized but I have the ones that are important. I’m curious as to how many numbers people would know if they had to. Perhaps a poll is in order. Anywho, I just find that between texting, tweeting, and facebook, people are losing the importance of communication and the experience of human interaction. Two things I think are very important to development.

Man City v Chelsea Preveiw


This afternoon will showcase a very interesting match between two top English soccer teams. Manchester City look to catch up after Manchester United extended their lead atop the table. Meanwhile, Chelsea is looking to creep back into the top 4 and a coveted Champions League spot.

Manchester City have had their title challenge credentials brought into question as of late after losing away to Swansea and then crashing out of Europa League last week. The Swansea loss coupled with United win allowed United to leapfrog City to the top of the table for the first time since October. Now with United winning 5-0 this past weekend (cutting the goal differential to 3), United hold a 4 point lead atop the table. City will surely be looking to get the swagger back that had them atop the table since October. A win over Chelsea would certainly help while a slip up will not only dent their moral, but title hopes as well.

The question for City will be what effect (if any) will Tevez have on the run in for the title? We all know his work rate and ability. But I personally find it hard to believe that when one goes AWOL for 3 months then deciding to come back at their own time, it is hard to just truly brush that aside. And if so, what type of example does that set for the rest of the team? If it were my team, Tevez would be gone. There would be no room on my roser for someone who thinks they are special (unless its Messi of course)

Chelsea are also playing catch up, but this is on the other side of the top 4. Arsenal sit in 4th, 3 points above Chelsea. While Chelsea have been erratic this season, they are 3-0 since sacking manager Andre Villa-Boas including the rousing comeback against Napoli in the Champions League. A concern for them is how their defense will hold up against City’s attack without skipper John Terry. He is out with a knee problem picked up in the game against Napoli leaving David Luis and Ivanovic in the back. A curious question to me though is what to do with “El Nino”.

Torres broke his nearly 26 hour goal drought over the weekend with not 1 but 2 goals in Chelsea’s FA tie. Is it a coincidence that this came merely 3 games in with a new manager? The remains to be seen. But id DiMatteo has figured out the key to Torres’ goal scoring box. then it will be hard to keep him on the bench.


While City have the flair and attacking power, their confidence is reeling at a time when Chelsea are on a high. When all is said and done, I see Chelsea grinding out a 1-1 draw. That being said, I would love nothing more than to see City lose as I am a huge United fan( Glory glory Man uniteddd….).


While I don’t really have many readers to begin with I would still like to apologize for my hiatus. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. But things are swinging up again (really the only way they can go) so I will be starting to write again.

Posts on the go!

I recently found that there’s an app for this for my phone. I’m slightly surprised since I have a windows phone, not an iPhone or android. Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone but we are usually lacking in the app dept (we don’t even have words with friends for crying out loud). So I was pleasantly surprised to find this. What does this mean? Probably nothing other than if I have the urge to type on my small phone keyboard instead of my computer then I can do it.


Here I am about to embark on my ridiculous voyage home and all I can think about is traffic. I’m not sure if I mentioned it yet or not but I live in Los Angeles. Great weather this time of year, horrible traffic always. The worst part is my commute brings me across town so it goes from the bad to the worse. I suppose the one good thing is that part of my drive brings me along the pacific coast highway. Nothing soothes me more than the ocean. But I digress. Every day as I’m sitting in traffic I think about traffic. I’m naturally a curious person. These are some of my thoughts.

Where does traffic come from? Well the obvious is that there are too many cars on the road at one time. But what about this causes traffic? The more water there is in a river the faster it flows. It is my thought that traffic is caused by the impatience of people. Follow me on this. When the cars around you start to slow down, what do you do? You change lanes to go around them. Now if you make it a tight lane change (i.e. cut someone off) they put their brakes on. Assuming the person behind them is following them too closely, which 99.9% of people do down here, they are going to put their brakes on even harder and slow down even more. Multiply this by 15,000 cars, tada we have bumper to bumper traffic. That leads me to my next thought.

How can traffic be reduced? Well besides widening each and every road, I think that the simple practice of patience is what will help. Now the problem with that is Americans (generally) are all about results as fast as possible. They don’t want to be waiting on anything. It shows in many aspects of life but none more clearly as driving. People speed as much as the can going 2 miles down the road, even though they take a grand total of 2 seconds off their arrival time. They’ll drive in a lane they know is ending as long as possible before cutting over forcing their way in ( I personally enjoy driving half in the lane that is closing and half in the lane everyone should be merging into to block these people off. Boy do I get some looks.) If these people would get over sooner, they wouldn’t be forcing everyone else in line behind them to wait. But it’s because they want to be there now. This type of driving is what starts and causes traffic.

Will changing lanes get me there faster? While I have no proof one way or another, I believe that changing lanes in traffic only makes it worse. I myself am guilty of it but it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe it. We’ve all been there. Sitting there while all the cars next to you seem to be blowing by you. What’s this? It appears to be a break. I’m gonna zip right in there and I’ll be moving. Bam! You made all the cars you just cut off slam on their brakes. Also, you’re not the only person seeing this and trying to get over. Say there are 10 cars behind you, you all get over at the same time. Suddenly, the lane moving fast has 10 extra cars and the one you were sitting in has 10 less. Now which lane is moving? That is right, the one you were just sitting in. Try this next time you’re sitting in traffic. Pick out a car that is easily recognizable in the lane next to you. And just try not switching lanes while keeping an eye on that vehicle. After a while check in to see where you are compared to it in relation to when you started keeping track. I’d be willing to be the price of reading this that you are in nearly the same position. Granted there are times when things differ but there are always anomalies.

So what does this mean? Assuming I didn’t bore you to death (as I’m finishing I’m not even sure what the point of this was), we need patience America. That is the bottom line. Maybe if we didn’t change lanes on the freeway the moment the lane next to us was going faster; if we all just slowed down a bit and didn’t hurry around the car to get some place 5 second earlier; maybe traffic would be better. Even if it is just a little bit.

For the record, I spend 5-6 hours a day in the car. I hate traffic. This was more to vent than anything. If you managed to make it here. Thanks for reading. Would you please be so kind to critique my writing I’d be much obliged. I’m trying to become a better writer.