Are we too technologically dependant?

As I was browsing some new posts today I came across this one. It touched on a very interesting topic that I think about from time to time. And I find myself thinking the very questions that is the title of this post, are we too dependent on technology?

It seems like just yesterday I can remember the old Nokia phones that everyone had. [On a side note, everyone but me. My parents we ones who didn’t believe in all the super up-to-date technology so I didn’t get a cell phone until I went away to college]. Now days I see kids that are not even in their teens walking around with iPhones on Facebook and Twitter. But in this age of “right now” I feel that we are losing our touch with each other. If you lose your cell phone, don’t you spend the rest of your day feeling like a piece of you is missing or wondering who might be trying to call you? As much as i hate to admit it I do. And I don’t even have it that bad. Seeing as I’m trying to become a freelance writer, I really should be more into social media networks. Yet I find it hard to get into these because I still enjoy human interaction. I’m probably one of a handful of people that wouldn’t be completely lost if my entire phone memory got erased. I don’t have all my numbers memorized but I have the ones that are important. I’m curious as to how many numbers people would know if they had to. Perhaps a poll is in order. Anywho, I just find that between texting, tweeting, and facebook, people are losing the importance of communication and the experience of human interaction. Two things I think are very important to development.


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