Un-reality TV

What is America’s obsession with reality TV? It started back in 200 with “Survivor”. Now days we’ve been through everything from “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” to “The Real Housewifes” and “Jersey Shore”. For the life od me, I can’t stand how idiotic and annoying the people on these shows are. If you asked, I would guess that 9 of 10 people would say that they hate drama. Yet those shows that are so popular are all about creating drama. WHy then do people like these show?

“The Real Housewives” is a series which portrays the life for “real” housewives in different areas. I believe the current ones are New York, Atlanta, and Orange County. Basically all the ladies are rich, spoiled little beaches who fight and argue and complain with one another about another person in their group. Two things here. One, as far as I can tell, all the wives are rich from either the current husband or former husband. Two, if they dislike a person that much, why do they constantly interact with them. oh wait, it to cause drama for the viewers. The thing that really gets me though is how they can call the show “The Real Housewives”. Why don’t they focus on the lower class family where they have real problems, you know, besides that their ex-husband isn’t paying his full 1500$ child support each month.


“Jersey Shore” epitomizes the stupidity of Americans. If this trend continues, the premise of Idiocracy is entirely plausible. What I don’t get is how. Being as just about anyone under the age of 30 know what the people on this show are about. Getting drunk and hooking up. So how/why do they still get girls? Maybe I’m just fooling myself with the moral standard these days. But if I were a girl, I wouldn’t touch those guys with a 10 foot pool. Heck I wouldn’t even touch those girls with one now.



However, those shows are nothing compared to the show I loathe the most. I despise anything related to the Kardashian family. They don’t really have anything other than money and a conveniently timed sex tape. Because of that they are celebrities? The thing that irks me the most is the Kim & Kris Humphries thing. Their sham of a wedding made them (although reports are that Kim took Kris’ portion) millions. Then they split before the wedding episode even aired.

The fallout is entertaining because it appears the general population now hates Kris Humphries for this while it appears that they have moved on with Kim. Even though (I feel at least) Kim had an equal if not grater part in everything. Sure the show portrays Kris as a jerk and I’m sure there were some problems. But when is there never any? Keep in mind the fact that the show was “Kourtney and Kim”. So somebody had t be the bad guy and it certainly wasn’t going to be the show’s star. Through everything Kris Humphries is now the most hated player in the NBA. Ahead of Kobe and LeBron.

So again, why do people love reality TV? I think it is because they love to immerse themselves in drama, just as long as it does not involve them. It makes people feel better about themselves seeing these “celebrities” go through problems as well, even if they are produced in a manner which enhances the drama.


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