A fun fun run anyone?

So I’m not expecting anything here but I figured if I’m gonna try to do this, I might as well do it all the way. I’m considering signing up for mud run/ obstacle course/ adventure races here to motivate myself back into shape. (I’m not in bad shape I just want to be in better shape). I have a few in mind but if anyone has any input as to run they may have done, or heard about in the Southern California area please feel free to let me know. Also, if you’re interested in the same thing and wouldn’t mind a training partner. My mind is open. Please feel free with comments.


Side Effects

Watching TV the other day, a commercial came on for some type of drug for anxiety or depression. Near the end of the commercial, the obligatory list of side effects came up. Side effects included heart failure, seizures, thoughts of suicide or death. Now call me crazy but are these side effects worth it? Now I do realize that I’m not one that has ever suffered from depression or anxiety so maybe to these people those side effects are worth it. But in my mind, the possible side effects are way worse than the problem. I’d much rather be depressed that suffer heart failure, suicide or death. Just some thoughts.


Hello there,

If you’re reading this there are two possibilities. One, you’re just REALLY bored and looking for something to read and hopefully entertain you. Or two, the title caught your eye and you’re interested in sports as well. Before we go anywhere I’m going to tell you now, this is more of an introductory blog than anything. I will post sports things here in the furutre but for now I just wanted to put something in case someone came across this blog.

I’m going to start by saying that my father was the type that ALWAYS was watching sports. Everything from football and basketball to tennis and the America’s Cup (kudos if you know what sport that is). Needless to say, he loved sports and wanted his sons to as well. Now for a trip back, way back, to 1985. I was born. Now forward a couple years to 1990. This was the beginning of my sports days. I started with soccer. The Kapaa rainbows. Yes, awesome name, I’m aware. I played soccer since I was 5. That was just the beginning. Over the course of my childhood, I played just about every sport for at least one season except hockey(slighty difficult since I grew up in Kauai, Hawaii). So growing up I played many sports. Once high school came I whittled it down to four sports. They were cross country, soccer, track and volleyball. Once I got to college it was mainly down to soccer (scholarship) although I still played other sports but as extracurricular activities. To this day I know at least the important facts about pretty much any sport.  My name is Elliot and I’m addicted to sports. I have thoughts and opinions which I will share in the future. And I love a good sports argument. Just be prepared to bring it. For now I’m off to watch the glorified slam dunk contest for the NBA All-star weekend. Is anyone going to dunk over a car this year? Maybe a bus? We shall see.

What am I doing?

What amI doing? The third most difficult question in life after “what is the meaning of life?” and “Where do babies come from daddy?”. What I’m trying to do can be summed up in one of my favorite sayings; “Live the life you love”. I find that after a few months at any job I get, I become bored. This usually happens right as I get in some sort of routine. So I’ve realized that for me to be comfortable with any job, it can’t develop with routine. Aye, there is the rub for most any job will have some sort of routine in it. My solution came to me while I was “working” one day. And when I say working I mean browsing the internet because I had become bored at my job. I happened across location 180. This opened my eyes to the possibilites. As you may or may not have read in my “About me” section, I have spontaneous tendencies. So about a week after discovering this site and researching, I’ve decided to give this type of life a go. After all, what have I got to lose? I already have no money. I can’t get poorer can I? So please follow me upon my quest to become location independant and live the live I love. I’ll be updating you with thoughts and lessons I’ve learned along the way. Who knows, maybe I’ll inspire someone in the way that I was.