Man City v Chelsea Preveiw


This afternoon will showcase a very interesting match between two top English soccer teams. Manchester City look to catch up after Manchester United extended their lead atop the table. Meanwhile, Chelsea is looking to creep back into the top 4 and a coveted Champions League spot.

Manchester City have had their title challenge credentials brought into question as of late after losing away to Swansea and then crashing out of Europa League last week. The Swansea loss coupled with United win allowed United to leapfrog City to the top of the table for the first time since October. Now with United winning 5-0 this past weekend (cutting the goal differential to 3), United hold a 4 point lead atop the table. City will surely be looking to get the swagger back that had them atop the table since October. A win over Chelsea would certainly help while a slip up will not only dent their moral, but title hopes as well.

The question for City will be what effect (if any) will Tevez have on the run in for the title? We all know his work rate and ability. But I personally find it hard to believe that when one goes AWOL for 3 months then deciding to come back at their own time, it is hard to just truly brush that aside. And if so, what type of example does that set for the rest of the team? If it were my team, Tevez would be gone. There would be no room on my roser for someone who thinks they are special (unless its Messi of course)

Chelsea are also playing catch up, but this is on the other side of the top 4. Arsenal sit in 4th, 3 points above Chelsea. While Chelsea have been erratic this season, they are 3-0 since sacking manager Andre Villa-Boas including the rousing comeback against Napoli in the Champions League. A concern for them is how their defense will hold up against City’s attack without skipper John Terry. He is out with a knee problem picked up in the game against Napoli leaving David Luis and Ivanovic in the back. A curious question to me though is what to do with “El Nino”.

Torres broke his nearly 26 hour goal drought over the weekend with not 1 but 2 goals in Chelsea’s FA tie. Is it a coincidence that this came merely 3 games in with a new manager? The remains to be seen. But id DiMatteo has figured out the key to Torres’ goal scoring box. then it will be hard to keep him on the bench.


While City have the flair and attacking power, their confidence is reeling at a time when Chelsea are on a high. When all is said and done, I see Chelsea grinding out a 1-1 draw. That being said, I would love nothing more than to see City lose as I am a huge United fan( Glory glory Man uniteddd….).


A fun fun run anyone?

So I’m not expecting anything here but I figured if I’m gonna try to do this, I might as well do it all the way. I’m considering signing up for mud run/ obstacle course/ adventure races here to motivate myself back into shape. (I’m not in bad shape I just want to be in better shape). I have a few in mind but if anyone has any input as to run they may have done, or heard about in the Southern California area please feel free to let me know. Also, if you’re interested in the same thing and wouldn’t mind a training partner. My mind is open. Please feel free with comments.


Hello there,

If you’re reading this there are two possibilities. One, you’re just REALLY bored and looking for something to read and hopefully entertain you. Or two, the title caught your eye and you’re interested in sports as well. Before we go anywhere I’m going to tell you now, this is more of an introductory blog than anything. I will post sports things here in the furutre but for now I just wanted to put something in case someone came across this blog.

I’m going to start by saying that my father was the type that ALWAYS was watching sports. Everything from football and basketball to tennis and the America’s Cup (kudos if you know what sport that is). Needless to say, he loved sports and wanted his sons to as well. Now for a trip back, way back, to 1985. I was born. Now forward a couple years to 1990. This was the beginning of my sports days. I started with soccer. The Kapaa rainbows. Yes, awesome name, I’m aware. I played soccer since I was 5. That was just the beginning. Over the course of my childhood, I played just about every sport for at least one season except hockey(slighty difficult since I grew up in Kauai, Hawaii). So growing up I played many sports. Once high school came I whittled it down to four sports. They were cross country, soccer, track and volleyball. Once I got to college it was mainly down to soccer (scholarship) although I still played other sports but as extracurricular activities. To this day I know at least the important facts about pretty much any sport.  My name is Elliot and I’m addicted to sports. I have thoughts and opinions which I will share in the future. And I love a good sports argument. Just be prepared to bring it. For now I’m off to watch the glorified slam dunk contest for the NBA All-star weekend. Is anyone going to dunk over a car this year? Maybe a bus? We shall see.